Swim Lessons Information


Age Requirements

For our group lessons we require that students be at least 3 years of age or older. Children ages 3-5 years old will be place in our Pre-School level classes and children 6 and up will be placed in our Youth level classes. Teens and adults will be placed in our adult lessons. For children 6 months to 3 years old we offer Parent-Tot classes where both you and your child get into the water.

Level Placement

If your child has previous swim experience outside of our program or has been out of our lesson program more than 3 months we will require them to take a placement test to see where they fit within our lesson program. If they have never swam unassisted before they do not need a placement test and will be put into the first level of their age group.

Placement Tests

If your child has taken lessons outside of the AMG Swim School program or has been out of our program for more than 3 months we will require a placement test before sign up. Placement test are Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:55pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm. Placement tests are free and only take a few minutes. Please show up at least 10 minutes in advance so we can have an instructor in the water for your placement test, if you show up later than the scheduled time we cannot guarantee you will get a placement test that day.

Lesson Payment

Pre-School and Youth lessons (1-4) are $11.00 per lesson with our cash or check discount. Parent-tot classes are $6.00 per lesson if you sign up for the month. You must pay upon registration we cannot hold spots. When you pay for lessons you are paying for the entire month you sign up for. Your total will depend on how many days a week you sign up for and how many of those days there are in the month.

For example:
$11.00 x 8 (M/W for the month) = $88.00

$11.00 x 4(Mondays in the month) = $44.00