The Kent Meridian Pool is available for rentals on Saturdays after 2:30pm for events ranging from birthday parties to scuba classes and everything in between! Every rental has access mats, noodles, a diving board, and lifejackets upon request. Lifeguards are on duty during the rental ensuring everyone’s safety and all pool rules are given before the rental starts.

Please be aware that all children under the age of 7 and any children wearing life jackets regardless of age are required to have an adult 18 years or older in the water with them. There is a maximum of 2 children per adult at any time. For the safety of all, there will be no exceptions to this rule. Any children wanting to go in the deep end or off of the diving board will need to pass our swim test without the aid of any flotation devices. Any flotation devices brought in must be Coast Guard approved and accepted by our lifeguards.

Our lobby is also available for rentals and we do have a refrigerator and freezer to hold perishable food while the pool is in use. Feel free to bring your own decorations – you can hang posters or streamers and bring table coverings. If you have any questions about acceptable decorations, don’t hesitate to ask upon scheduling your rental. The pool will provide tables and chairs for any lobby rental.

During the months of April-September our outdoor back patio is also available for rentals. The patio is in enclosed area with two picnic tables and other tables/chairs can be provided as well. Rentals are welcome to provide their own bbq, decorations and canopies when using the patio area. The patio can hold up to 50 people comfortably.

We are typically able to schedule rentals up to 3 months in advance. Payment for all rentals is due 2 weeks before actual rental day.

Rental Prices

1-25 people in the water

26-60 people in the water

61-103 people in the water

Front Lobby

Back Patio (April-September)